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Liberty Bell Management is located in Philadelphia, PA and provides  Property Management Services, which include but are not limited to maintenance and repairs, screening prospective tenants,  marketing available rental properties, and collecting rental payments.

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About Us

Liberty Bell Management has helped facilitate the development and construction of hundreds of properties and commercial buildings across the Philadelphia region. We rely on sound construction practices in order to ensure that we provide the best homes to our residential tenants, commercial clients, and surrounding community. Our development and construction team focuses on keeping our standards among the highest in our market sector. Our team has helped save over 200 homes across the Philadelphia region within the past decade, spending over 65 million dollars in renovation and repair costs. We remain dedicated to helping  rebuild-and-restore as many homes as possible!

Once a property is selected, our team generates a scope-of-work for what will be required to restore the property back to it's original condition. Through consistent efforts, our team has been capable of transforming abandoned, dangerous and unsafe properties and buildings into the beautiful homes and apartments that our tenants and buyers have grown to love.

We currently manage over 500 active units! Our Property Management Team deals directly with handling: maintenance and repair issues, tenant concerns/complaints, screening prospects and tenants, marketing available and upcoming rentals, and collecting rental payments.​​

Our Team

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.

Our Mission

Philadelphia is our home, which is why we feel obligated to help rebuild and re-create as many homes as we can to positively impact our community, and future generations.


Our Vision

We want our tenants and buyers to receive a home that is built with love, and property management services that are transparent and fair.

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