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Payment Terms

Payment Terms & Conditions

You understand and agree that in utilizing the Payment Service "Payment Portal" to pay any rental or other obligation, the property manager or owner of your community do not waive their rights under applicable law or under the Payment Agreement to proceed against you should you tender less than the entire sum due and owing to the property manager or owner of your community. You also understand and agree that any partial tender of rent or other sums of money due shall obligate you to pay the entire remaining balance promptly thereafter. You understand and agree that your failure to pay all sums of money due may entitle the property manager and owner of your community to commence legal proceedings through an eviction action for all unpaid balances and recover their reasonable attorneys’ fees and court costs.




If paying with a debit/credit card, you may be entitled to dispute a transaction, also known as a chargeback. If a scheduled online payment is reversed because of a chargeback, you are not relieved of your responsibility to timely pay any amount then due in accordance with the terms and conditions of your Lease Agreement and any penalties imposed by your financial institution. In addition, we may terminate your use of the Payment Service if you initiate a chargeback for an invalid reason.

In utilizing the payment service you hereby agree that the charge amount inputted into the system is authorized to be drawn on the payment method you are employing and any chargebacks or returned funds can result in fees pursuant to your Lease Agreement.

Holding Deposits

Any holding deposit received through our payment portal shall be held as a non-refundable holding deposit. Upon move in this holding deposit shall be credited towards your security deposit. Before receiving keys to the leased space (you) the tenant(s) are required to pay any remaining security balance in full. This includes the first month of rent, last month of rent, and any applicable utilities outlined in your lease agreement. You will also need to provide the office with proof that you have transferred any applicable utilities into your name and obtained renters insurance that meets the standards set forth in your lease agreement. By signing and submitting this payment, you agree to the terms and conditions outlined above. You hereby indemnify and hold harmless Liberty Bell Management, LLC and its affiliated companies with regard to the holding deposit. By submitting this payment you also hereby agree that you understand and accept the terms outlined in the paragraph above.

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